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I created an open source development tool to quickly & dynamically mock API endpoints. Check it out at GitHub: DuckRails

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I will no longer maintain arubystory. For new posts, find me at my personal blog. CU there!


Start from here... In this post I describe why you should not give up while learning ruby.

Here you'll learn how to say the famous "Hello world" on a web page with Ruby on Rails.

A simple ToDo application
The tutorial's code is available at GitHub

Save your objects to the database, familiarize yourself with the rails console, use Haml for your views and learn about the famous Twitter bootstrap CSS.

Refactor the Task create action to avoid redirection, implement the edit/delete actions accordingly and add some validations on the Task model

Use Devise & CanCan in order to add user authentication and authorisation features to the application

Deploy the application to OpenShift

This is a series of posts in which we create a simple ToDo application.
Create the Hangman game with Ruby on Rails using the Foundation Grid and FontAwesome icons.
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