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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tutorial: Saying "Hello world" with Ruby on Rails

If you are new to Ruby I suggest you first read my previous post which in short explains why you should not give up on learning Ruby.

Starting with this post, I'll be writing some tutorials covering the first steps you could follow in order to get familiar with both the language (Ruby) and the framework (Ruby on Rails). My posts will be based on my own experience so I hope that anyone new here can understand them easily.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Learning Ruby - Don't give up

About 5 months ago I was asked to join a Ruby on Rails project. After a lot of thinking whether I should switch to a new language after programming in Java for about 8 years or not I decided to do so. I was really excited actually and I couldn't wait to start learning the new stuff.

Day one I had an introduction to the development environment. A text editor and a console. I said, OK, this must be this guy's thing, I'll download the IDE. Then I looked all the other dev's monitor and still, no IDE. Black terminals and text editors. So I asked:

- Why don't you use something like Eclipse?
- We don't have to, a text editor is all you need.